Wisconsin Precollege Programs


Welcome to the University of Wisconsin System Precollege Programming Database, a tool for exploring K-12 program offerings from across all UW System campuses, in one convenient place.

The purpose of precollege programming is to increase college-going aspiration and college preparedness among Wisconsin’s K-12 students. These programs are an important component in the broader effort to achieve equitable outcomes in higher education for all student populations.

Precollege programs may include opportunities for academic skill building, college and career exploration, and academic/personal enrichment (e.g., arts, sports, leadership skills, computer camps.) Comprehensive precollege programming may also include components for parents/caregivers, K-12 teachers, and campus faculty (e.g., teacher education faculty.) The additional components help those groups promote college-going behaviors in K-12 students, including advocacy for post-secondary preparation and participation in a K-16 education.

Precollege program lengths vary and may including one-day, weekly, bi-weekly, residential, academic year, and summer programs. Students eligible for free or reduced lunch may qualify for a Department of Public Instruction or other available scholarships. Precollege program Directors/Coordinators can advise students and families about program options, costs, scholarships, and more.